Are you kidding with all the Shakespeare?

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Another burning question has been asked by several: Shakespeare!?/Why is there so much Shakespeare?/Are you kidding with the Shakespeare?/You’re killing me with all the Shakespeare!

Well, the character of Graham Atherton was inspired by a mix of personages that are all classically trained and of a particular ‘type.’  I close my eyes, I can hear his voice disturbingly clear, and that voice speaks fluent Shakespeare.  Thing is, it fits.

Can you imagine Aaron Eckhart spouting Shakespeare? Nope. But you sure can Colin Firth. Definitely James McAvoy.

And so, my Muse speaks.

And as you read Wheeler, your mind conjures up a tall, svelte, aristocratic Englishman, with dark, purposely tousled hair and painfully blue eyes, but also a tad conceited. Graham is nowhere near perfect and true to his personality, he takes a certain hedonistic approach to life.

At first, he might think he’s ‘in love’ but it isn’t until later on that he realizes what love really feels like. As his older sister Claire puts it: “Love is not poetry and song, and it is certainly not a fairy tale. Your soul might ache from their absence, but there are times that you just want them to leave you alone. Or how you feel their pain when you hurt them with your words and all you want to do is take back what you said without thinking. Love is merely a madness.”

From there, Claire and Graham have a Shakespeare shoot out, but you’ll have to wait until the second novel comes out. Sorry!

As I’ve said before in a previous post, I have read every f’n word that man wrote. Every single word. Can I tell you, I am not any smarter. I have a hard time recalling a single line of it, if pressed. But, thank you @SparkNotes and Jeremy Hylton and MIT’s @TheTech for putting all that out there.


See that? I’ve even pinned MIT’s database.


Hopefully that explains a bit more about my motivations for giving Graham so many wonderfully poetic and romantic lines. And I apologize in advance for making you look at your man like that.




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