Podium Cafe’s Review of Wheeler

via Wheeler, by Sara Zalesky – Podium Cafe


I won’t hide the not-so-wonderful reviews because they give me criticisms that I can learn from.  I wish my salary allowed for an editor, even a fledgling one, but it doesn’t. I’m all I got. Well, there’s Grammarly.

But ouch.

Fan fiction. Yikes.

She comes with the Louis Vitton luggage set with train case, not Samsonite.

In the immortal words of Lance Armstrong, “It’s not about the bike”.  Perhaps Wheeler doesn’t come through as a romance/women’s fiction, which is different than what Mr. McKay is used to reading. Or maybe he knew that and it just sucks that much 

Yep. Ouch. Sigh

Mr. McKay was given an earlier, pre-copy edited version and some of the line quotes he used do not appear in the current version.




3 thoughts on “Podium Cafe’s Review of Wheeler

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